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“The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust.

Maybe it was the long winter and the slow spring, with COVID confinement as the proverbial “icing on the cake”… that all worked together to make spring completely intoxicating this year! More walks took the place of gym visits and I found myself watching the buds on the trees, closely, photographing their every advancement! The aroma of the opening balsam poplar buds was enticing! And those captivating baby leaves with their transient pale green sheen…so lovely! Then the spring rains came and the woods came alive with their lovely woodsy perfume. Our walks in the rain were a banquet for the senses and the rain droplets on flowers and leaves were exquisite!

New Poplar Tree Leaves

When the first prairie crocus blooms popped, I was completely in awe. We found a remnant piece of prairie on a knoll with a southwest facing slope that captures the most sunlight and warmth. The crocuses bloomed there first, during the last week of April.

By the third visit to the knoll, my partner, David, brought along a garbage bag and “picker”  to keep himself busy while I spent ages getting “just one more photo” of the lovely blooms. You can see that he also entertains himself by taking pictures of me absorbed in my photographic process!

This fascination often involves kneeling, sitting or lying on the ground to get the best or most revealing shot. However, capturing those photos can be hard on the body, often resulting in stiffness afterwards! That process can be a simple capture of a beautiful landscape or interesting scene or a more complicated matter, as I look at plants more closely and then want to take a “macro” photo, usually from various angles.

Capturing nature’s beauty in spring is definitely intoxicating but it has also served to sooth my mind during difficult times, and given me a productive pursuit. I have learned a great deal about places and plants as I do the research to accompany my posts to social media. I hope my photos provide a haven of calm and beauty and inspire the viewer to turn to nature for solace and inspiration.

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