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I am Heather Sinton, a Canadian photographer and artist. The colours of the natural world captured my imagination and inspired me from a very young age. My first memories are of flowers. We lived in Edinburgh, Scotland when I was a little girl. Princes Street Gardens are full of flowers from early spring through fall and there is a lovely flower clock at one end, with a cuckoo that comes out on the hour. I remember begging my mother to stay until it came out! Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to live near places that offer easy access to such beautiful gardens or the splendour of wild places.

During my career as a reclamation specialist and planner, I was a strong advocate for the conservation and restoration of native landscapes. Now, I seek to celebrate their beauty through photography and art. I capture nature’s beauty in ways that others can truly enjoy and appreciate. Wildflowers refresh my spirit and I love taking close-up backlit photos that express their true essence. It’s early days for my painting but I am often able to weave interesting colours into them that result in a vibrant interpretation.

I currently live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In the summer months, I love spending time in the nearby mountains and foothills, taking photos of the incredible vistas and gorgeous wildflowers. In the snowy winter months, I can be found in my studio, blissfully absorbed in transforming that loveliness into paintings. I hope to leave a legacy for my children and friends, and pass on my love for natural spaces. I hope to inspire you to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations to enjoy, conserve and restore natural spaces.

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