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“While everyone would try to hide their colours; busy matching their skin with the surroundings, be that wild rose in the otherwise green forest, rare, novel and adorably unique.” – Annie.

Happy Valentine’s Day! This day is not just for lovers. It’s a wonderful time to remember just how special and unique we each are and not to be afraid of being different or standing out. It is also a good time to take stock of how lovingly we treat the body that carries us through our busy lives.

Wild Rose (Rosa acicularis)

The wild rose, Rosa acicularis, has been used as food, medicine and in ceremonies by Aboriginal peoples through the ages.In 1930, the wild rose was chosen by schoolchildren to be Alberta’s provincial flower. A sure sign of summer’s arrival, the various shades of pink wild rose blooms peek from the forest shadows in June, inviting a closer look. Their tantalising scent wafts through the air, attracting insect pollinators and people alike. The wild rose leaves and flowers can be used to make tea and the petals have been used to make fragrances. Rosehips are very high in vitamin C and are popular foods for birds and wildlife.

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