Scarlet Paintbrush Glory (Downloadable Image)


“Plants, trees, flowers – nature – it’s where my soul finds a sliver of peace and happiness.” – Michelle Horst.  I found my happy place recently up in the alpine, photographing these lovely scarlet red paintbrush flowers (Castilleja miniata). They looked amazing against the backdrop of the mountains and sky. Paintbrushes are an iconic flower of our Rocky Mountain alpine meadows, and really do look like paintbrushes dipped in colours that range from scarlet through pink and yellow to green and cream. The coloured “petals” are actually showy bracts, while the flowers are actually the small, tubular, green shoots that stick out of them! Paintbrush plants are semi parasitic, getting some of their nutrients from nearby plant roots. That fact makes these beauties very difficult to grow in a home garden. This purchase will enable you to download the image and use it for making photo canvases, prints or to decorate items of your choosing.


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